Jay Bilas argues for colleges to pay student athletes | The Chronicle

Jay Bilas, ESPN Analyst and former Duke Blue Devil, says flat out pay college athletes. I’m not sure I’m ready to go that far, but here are 5 things I would do:

1. Pay athletes a percentage of jersey and t shirt sales, not individually, but across the board.

2. Allow athletes to profit from their own likeness individually,  i. e. endorsements, autographs, appearances…etc.

3. Waive the ridiculous rule forcing athletes who transfer to sit out a year. Coaches do it regularly without consequence.

4. Pay lifetime medical expenses for athletes when their injuries occurred while participating in sport during their college career.

5. Allow athletes to retain eligibility should they enter the draft and are either unhappy with their draft position or fail to get drafted.

That’s my take. Below is a link to a Jay Bilas article with his take.



2 thoughts on “Jay Bilas argues for colleges to pay student athletes | The Chronicle

  1. They deserve generous compensation for sure. I especially like the medical angle. That should be a no-brainier and starting point.

    Have you seen the artists drawings of the proposed additions to ND stadium? I think they look ridiculous! Am I alone on this? It smells of a ruse to add 364 new high priced seats paid for by soliciting the alumni.

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    • Have not seen the nd drawings. The colleges can keep their money…let the Olympic model rule. That way stars earn what the market says they’re worth. And…A 5 star player won’t have to leave his home to play college ball…The market will follow him not his school. Less prominent schools would benefit.

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